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Pneu Solutions is the pneumatic conveying troubleshooting expert. We provide services to the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Our mission is to provide the equipment owner with the best service, products, and information available today in order to have reliable material transfer systems. We believe our services are the best and our rates are the lowest in the industry. 

Pneu Solutions is a professional independent consulting company who has the answers to solve all your pneumatic conveying problems from field support to feasibility studies.  We have the experience to work with all types of systems to solve your worst problems.  Our expertise includes trained personnel with many years in the pneumatic conveying industry designing components and systems. Whether it's new or old, you will get honest and unsolicited evaluations as to the quality or condition of your system.

Dilute phase, pressure dense phase, vacuum dense phase, low velocity slug, and closed-loop nitrogen systems are not a problem for Pneu Solutions. Our process knowledge is unmatched in the industry. We are able to immediately identify many problem areas with only a short walkthrough of a system. Before you replace that system, call us for a complete and detailed evaluation. We may be able to save you thousands of dollars by identifying minor problems and offering simple solutions.

Is your goal to improve plant safety and reliability? Do you need to reduce the frequency of unexpected shutdowns? Do you need to increase plant production rates and reduce product breakage?  We understand these goals and have the knowledge and experience to help. Call us today with a problem or question and find out if we can help you. We will write a free proposal with estimated charges from a written or verbal description of your problem or requirement.

Pneumatic Conveying Software:

Our pneumatic conveying line sizing calculation programs are being sold worldwide. They are excellent tools for either the beginner or the expert system designer. These pneumatic conveying programs are easy to use, but include many features not found elsewhere. All programs allow the user to design a complete system, not just a conveying line pressure drop calculation. All of our programs allow for troubleshooting and back-calculation of an existing system or for designing a completely new system. Detailed tutorials are included with each pneumatic conveying program. Additional assistance is available from a Pneu Solutions consultant at no charge in order to familiarize you with the use of the programs. For more information, and to see a partial preview of these programs, visit the software page.

NEW FOR 2013! Ask about our new sizing program PNEU DENSE VACUUM  for Vacuum Dense conveying systems.

PNEU DENSE PRESSURE  is our pressure dense phase line sizing program. This program is extremely useful for any material handling professional. If you are not very familiar with dense phase systems, this program will take the guesswork out for you. It is simple to use, but uses pure physics to provide the user with accurate results. This program includes calculations for either a high-pressure airlock system or a pressure-pot system. You will also be able to determine your pressure pot vessel volume and dimensions in order to achieve the desired (average and instantaneous) product throughput desired. If you are searching for more information about dense phase and its applications, you can visit the Powder and Bulk Dot Com website and read our past article in the Ask Joe! Archive section entitled "Dense Phase Conveying. Is it the Right Choice?". 

PNEU DILUTE PRESSURE AND PNEU DILUTE  VACUUM are our dilute phase line sizing programs. These programs have features that you will not find elsewhere. All the programs include all the information necessary to design or troubleshoot a pneumatic conveying system. There is no need to search for conversion numbers or other tabulated information. Everything is included, such as airlock leakage and site elevation calculations. 

You can purchase the above programs with a credit card and start using them today! Please go to the Purchase Now page for further pricing details.

For frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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